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A Years Supply Of Sleep

A Years Supply Of Sleep

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Indulge in serene nights and tranquil sleep with our Best Selling Sleep Magnesium Oil. Discover the perfect companions for a peaceful night's rest. Our popular formula combines the calming properties of magnesium with the soothing aroma of lavender and the gentle touch of Roman Chamomile essential oils to create an ideal solution for your sleep needs.

Key Ingredients and Benefits:

Soothing Relaxation: Magnesium contributes to a sense of relaxation, promoting a calm state of mind essential for a restful night's sleep.

Serenity of Lavender: Lavender is known for its ability to create a tranquil atmosphere, helping to alleviate stress and anxiety.

Calming Sensation: Roman Chamomile, with its mild and gentle scent, is an excellent choice for promoting relaxation and a sense of calm.

Restful Support: For those dealing with restlessness, our Sleep Magnesium Spray can provide support before bedtime, easing restless legs and cramping so you can enjoy a night of peaceful sleep.

Pregnancy Comfort: Made with all natural ingredients that brings comfort to expecting mothers. They promote relaxation, relieve body aches and pains, and offer a calming experience. (Safe for use during trimester 2 + 3)

Additional Benefit: Each 200ml bottle typically offers approximately 106 applications, with the exact number depending on individual usage patterns.

Experience the tranquillity and rejuvenation that Meo Body Sleep Magnesium offers, where peaceful nights and rejuvenating slumber await.


Organic Magnesium Chloride, Distilled Water, Essential Oils: Lavender, Roman Chamomile

How to use

Spray onto your abdomen, back, soles of your feet, and any other affected areas, gently massaging it in.

Avoid using on broken or freshly shaved skin.

How long do I leave it on for?

For optimal absorption, we advise leaving it on for a minimum of 20 minutes.

If you find the salty residue bothersome after application, feel free to rinse it off once your 20 minutes are up.

Why does it itch/tingle my skin?

You may experience a tingling sensation, which could indicate low magnesium levels in your body. However, with consistent usage, the tingling sensation should decrease.

To reduce the reaction, try these techniques:
- Begin by spraying on the soles of your feet before other body parts.
- Apply a small amount and gently massage it in, gradually expanding to new areas as you become comfortable.
- Boost your magnesium levels by taking a magnesium bath before using the spray.

Please avoid:
- Applying it to broken or recently shaved skin.
- Refrain from spraying immediately after a shower when your pores are more open.

Remember, magnesium is an essential mineral for our bodies to function properly. Don't be discouraged by the initial itchiness, as it should subside, leaving you feeling truly rejuvenated.

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Recommended by Australia's #1 Sleep Expert Olivia Arezzolo

Renowned for her exceptional insights into sleep science, Olivia Arezzolo refers to the Sleep Magnesium Spray as an "absolute powerhouse for your BEST night's sleep."