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Surprise Magnesium Spray

Surprise Magnesium Spray

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Get a Free Magnesium Spray with Your Order!

Want a free magnesium spray added to your order? It's easy!

  1. Add Two Products to Your Cart: Just select any two products and add them to your cart.
  2. Enjoy Your Surprise: We'll include a surprise free magnesium spray of our choice with your order.

Prefer a Specific Magnesium Spray?

If you have a particular magnesium spray in mind, simply add a note in the cart or email us at and let us know your preference from the following options:

  • Sleep Magnesium Spray
  • Muscle Magnesium Spray
  • Femme Magnesium Spray
  • Pure Magnesium Spray

Happy shopping, and enjoy your free gift from us!

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