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Pure Magnesium Bath Salts

Pure Magnesium Bath Salts

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Dive into Blissful Sleep and Radiant Skin


Escape the ordinary, embrace the extraordinary. Our Pure Magnesium Bath Salts aren't just another soak in the tub, they're a portal to deep relaxation, glowing skin, and a good night's sleep you can finally count on.


Imagine this:


    • Melting away muscle tension, like knots of stress dissolving in a serene oasis.


    • Calming your mind, silencing anxious chatter and inviting peaceful slumber.


    • Skin as smooth as silk, nourished by the purest magnesium Mother Nature has to offer.


This isn't a fantasy, it's your reality with our Pure Magnesium Bath Salts. We source our magnesium chloride from untouched, high-altitude lakes in the Tibetan Plateau, 3,200 meters above the hustle and bustle of the world. This isolation guarantees unparalleled purity, free from environmental toxins and impurities.


Here's what makes Meo Body different:


    • 100% Magnesium Chloride: No fillers, no additives, just pure, potent magnesium ready to work its magic.


    • Food Grade & Organic: Trust in the quality you soak in, safe enough to eat, luxurious enough to indulge.


    • Sustainable Sourcing: We respect the Earth, harvesting responsibly to preserve this natural treasure.


    • Transformative Results: Unwind, de-stress, and wake up feeling like a new person, every single day.


Beyond the benefits, Meo Body's Pure Magnesium Bath Salts are:


    • A luxurious self-care ritual: Light candles, dim the lights, and create your own spa sanctuary.


    • The perfect gift for loved ones: Share the gift of relaxation and radiant skin.


    • An investment in your well-being: Prioritise your sleep, your muscles, and your glow.


Don't just settle for a bath, experience a transformation.


100% Pure Magnesium Chloride, harvested from pristine lakes in the Tibetan Plateau. The high altitude (3,200 metres above sea level) coupled with the lake’s isolation ensures absolute purity. Our magnesium is 'food grade' and has Organic classification.

How to use

Dissolve 1 cup in a warm foot bath, immerse your feet for at least 20 minutes

Dissolve 2 cups in a warm bath, soak for at least 20 minutes to maximise magnesium absorption

How long do I leave it on for?

For maximum absorption, we recommend a minimum of 20 mins.

If you're not a fan of the salty residue after applying, it's not a problem to wash it off after your 20 minutes is over.

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Recommended by Australia's #1 Sleep Expert Olivia Arezzolo

Renowned for her exceptional insights into sleep science, Olivia Arezzolo refers to the Sleep Magnesium Spray as an "absolute powerhouse for your BEST night's sleep."