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Muscle Magnesium Bath Salts

Muscle Magnesium Bath Salts

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Revitalise, unwind, and rejuvenate fatigued muscles

Muscle Magnesium Bath Salts – your ultimate post-activity recovery companion. This remarkable formula combines the revitalising power of magnesium, the soothing essence of Wintergreen, and the refreshing touch of Menthol essential oils, making it the ideal solution for your tired muscles.

Ingredients Key Benefits 

Muscle Relaxation: Magnesium is essential for muscle function and relaxation. It helps prevent muscle cramps and spasms, promoting a sense of ease and comfort in tired muscles.

Recovery Aid: Magnesium aids in post-activity muscle recovery, reducing the time it takes for muscles to recuperate after strenuous exercise.

Analgesic Properties: Wintergreen contains methyl salicylate, which acts as a natural pain reliever. It can help alleviate muscle pain and discomfort.

Anti-Inflammatory: Wintergreen's anti-inflammatory properties reduce muscle inflammation, contributing to quicker recovery.

Cooling Effect: Menthol creates a cooling sensation when applied to the skin, providing immediate relief for sore muscles. It soothes discomfort and offers a refreshing feeling.

Tension Reduction: Menthol's cooling properties can ease muscle tension, making it an excellent choice for relaxing and unwinding after physical activity.

Embrace the revitalising benefits of our Muscle Magnesium Range, your trusted ally for muscle recovery and relaxation.


Organic Magnesium, Wintergreen and Menthol

How to use

Dissolve 1 cup in a warm footbath, immerse your feet for at least 20 minutes

Dissolve 2 cups in a warm bath, soak for at least 20 minutes to maximise magnesium absorption

How long do I leave it on for?

Soak for at least 20 minutes for optimum absorption

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